SOL#29 dispersed

Okay so it was Friday me and li__y were looking for my blog we check everywhere we started joking that it dispersed it was kind of funny then I saw it people were writing comments on my blog thank you for the comments keep them coming please mine is purple it’s name is SOL#15 Harry Potter sorting hat bye

SOL#28 team gaspy

Okay so it’s a nice evening so I thought why don’t we bring gaspy out so I grad my gloves put them on I take  him out I grab his food and put it on my floor I put him down he is curled into a ball he’s scared but then his little nose pokes out he started to smell his food he starts to walk to his very slowly he starts to eat once he’s done eating I get him his little spinner he starts to run on it he got tried so I put him in his home he curled up in to a little ball and goes to sleep bye

SOL#27 hat day

Okay so it was hat day I didn’t have a hat to wear but my friend let me borrow a hat I’m thankful for that every had a nice hat also Mrs v_n w_k let me do morning meeting we played two rounds of poison dart frog we shared are favorite hat mine was a red hat with stripes because I got it from my dad it was pretty fun people started calling me Mr mar_nez it was pretty funny this is my blog today hope you liked it comment down below if you like it bye

SOL#26 so close

Okay it was just a regular day but everyone had crazy hair I had red hair once I got to school so many people had crazy hair Mrs v_n w_k told the hole class to come to the carpet we played poison dart frog and then Mrs v_n w_k told us are Lexia units that we gained it was top 3 me vs someone and other person my teacher said with 28 units me I had lost but I didn’t care because my friends cheer me on even though I lost I was happy for the people that won bye

SOL#25 sad dog day

Ok so I was at turch my mom told me I was going with my dad he was outside waiting for me and my brother we got in the car he started to drive he told me that chio died I was shocked also sad my dad told me that he had skin cancer  and big  blisters so when he barked he would start to bleed they had to put him down he was 55 years old in dog years I miss him my dad said that everyone was crying my grandpa is the one who really misses him he was a great dog to have my grandma dog misses him to she is 44 years old dog years also it’s so quiet now I still remember him bye

SOL#22 team flower

Okay so I posted people wanted to see my dog flower so this is it okay it was a sunny evening my dog flower running to me jumping around holding on to my leg looking at me I started watching movies with flower she jumps on my lap and lays down I start strok her hair I take her outside so we can play I grab a stick I  throw it she runs after it I bend down she try’s to lick my face I pick her up them she licks me I start to laugh we go inside and watch movies together with my family bye

SOL#21 gaspy or bunnies maybe dog flower

Okay so I have three pets but I don’t know which one I should blog about gaspy my bunnies or my dog flower I need your help to decide put gaspy in the comments if you want to see gaspy more  or put bunnies in the comments or flower whoever gets the most comments I will blog about who will get more love gaspy, bunnies or flower help me decide know I will check the comments tomorrow to see who wins  team gaspy, team bunnies or team flower my dog bye

SOL#20 life as a bunny

okay  so I was laying in bed thinking what to do when a light bulb appeared on top of my head I was thinking about how it feels to live as a bunny so I let my bunny’s out of their cage I gave them a ball to play with they didn’t like the ball so I gave them a small plastic football nope they didn’t even touch it my bunny’s like to go in small places like tinker bell one of my bunnies Nutella doesn’t like to go in small places tinker bell and Nutella are sister so ya bye

SOL#19 help please

Okay so I been trying to do challenges on a game but ever time I try I lose no one want to help me but I just need one more win and I’ll get the red llama I get so close to winning but someone has to interfere with my plans or break it down I need a good player who can help me I add people and see if they can help me but all they do is play creative onetime I won because a soccer skin was my teammate he was pretty sweaty but aleast we won if you do want to help me add me please help me please!!! bye

SOL#18 bunnie days

57437935714__7E57AC50-212F-410A-88A0-D53BED7E7024-sdsf4l57465433389__46A30A20-4325-4E7E-8D8F-C8D54356BE0C-26z0pl5Okay so it was a nice evening watching tv nothing exciting I think I heard my mom coming up the stairs I open the door my mom said she had a suprise for me and my brothers now this is exiting she walked into the living room with a cage she put it down then I saw two little bunnies my mom told me they were sisters they were both cute and furry I gave them carrots they ate them so fast also funny video bye